11 Apr
Nutrition, Physical Exercise & The Immune System
Nutrition, Physical Exercise & The Immune System

Nutrition, Physical Exercise & The Immune System

The past year has taught us many things... How to bake banana bread, the best way to home school (without losing our minds!) and how to cheat in zoom quizzes - to name just a few!

However, the most important thing that the last year has taught us is how vital it is to look after ourselves. Specifically, our overall health & immune system.

At Gymbo's the importance of 'health' is something we have stressed to our members for the best part of the last decade. We see too many people join us who are focusing entirely on changing the way they look, without putting sufficient importance on improving the way they move and feel (and how healthy they are beneath the surface).


Nutrition & The Immune System

Over the years, we have come across so many people who in the past have resorted to starving themselves with low calorie diets in order to lose bodyfat. However, not only are they missing out on calories, but also the nutrients vital to have a strong immune system and be able to perform day to day tasks well.

Have you ever been on a low calorie diet and felt ultra lethargic, suffered from brain fog and maybe even seemed to have more than your fair share of colds? That is probably why!

Perhaps you eat plenty of food, but you tend to unknowingly gravitate towards foods that are low in the full spectrum of nutrients. Thus meaning you too are damaging your health and immune system through poor food choices.

We should therefore be aiming to eat foods that nourish our bodies. Generally these are lower in calories anyway so are optimal for fat loss (BONUS!). Do this consistently (whilst allowing yourself the odd treat) and your health & vitality will thank you for it.

Exercise & The Immune System

However, your diet alone is not 100% effective at boosting your health and immune system. If you move your body more (therefore increasing daily calories burned), either via regular planned exercise or by just being more active throughout the day, then you won't need to so severely restrict your food intake to get the same results (if losing bodyfat is your goal). The main benefit of this approach rather than dieting alone, is that because you don't need to restrict your calorie intake so much, you will not be missing out on as many nutrients. As a result (in addition to being more active), you will both look and feel great (plus, be stronger, fitter and more mobile)! Plus, exercising (and more specifically, lifting weights) encourages increased blood flow throughout your body, meaning increased / more efficient nutrient supply to your muscles and organs.

So next time you think of the gym as a place to work on your muscles, just remind yourself that with each repetition on the weights, you are strengthening your immune system also!

Although any form of moving your body is better than nothing, all forms of exercise are certainly not made equal. Resistance training (lifting weights, and by that I mean significant weight, not those little 2kg dumbbells you have at home) is one of the best forms of exercise for boosting your immune system, and the best place to do that is at the gym!

What's the best way to ensure you perform the most effective exercises at the gym whilst staying motivated and ensuring it’s a lifelong change? Either join in on our small group sessions or get help from one of our approachable, fun and understanding personal trainers who can provide you with bespoke nutrition and exercise advice, support, and create an exercise regime tailored for you.

You may be feeling anxious about returning to the gym and at Gymbos, we get that! Our facilities are safe spaces – we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our equipment is cleaned and sanitised properly. This way, you can focus on tackling your health, without worrying about Covid-19.

So, it’s time to seize the opportunity and put yourself first. Come back and join us!