Case Studies

Below are examples of the work we have undertaken with a few clients who agreed for us to publish their photos, in the hope they can inspire others like you to take the first step and transform your physical and mental wellbeing!

We have also included some video testimonials from clients who either did not want to 'bare all' infront of the camera or simply their goal did not involve changing their appearance.

Katie - Fat Loss & Mobility

Through consistent effort, hard work, unwavering support, determination, and enjoyment, she has successfully reached her weight target, shedding an incredible 29kg along the way!... read more

Claire - Fat Loss

Claire came to us to make a healthy lifestyle change, to lose weight and to tone up, in a sustainable way. Claire has...... read more

Daisy - Rapid Fat Loss

Daisy had already successfully started her weight loss journey but needed our help when it all came to an abrupt hault!
... read more

Scott - Rapid Fat Loss, Improved Strength & Fitness

Having had a long time away from the gym due to the demands of being a first-time father, we helped Scott get back
... read more

Mary - Fat Loss

Mary came to Gymbos with the goal of losing weight and to get fitter. She had slowly been gaining weight over the last few years and wanted...... read more

Ryan - Fat Loss & Improved Fitness

Ryan came to us with a clear goal and short deadline. In 8 weeks' time he was due to enter the Forces. Our mission was to get him in the best...... read more

Jane - Fat Loss

Jane had struggled with her weight since she was a child. With the attitude of 'it is never too late to be what you could have been', she came to...... read more

Megan - Rapid Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Megan was an avid gym goer but was growing increasingly frustrated with her lack of progress. She came to us to help her work smarter
... read more

Shona - Semi-Private PT (Sawston)

Shona tells us why semi-private personal training is an excellent cost effective alternative to traditional 1:1 PT.... read more

Sarah - Semi-Private PT (Sawston)

Sarah tells us why semi-private personal training is an excellent cost effective alternative to traditional 1:1 PT.... read more

Caherine - Improved Strength & Fitness

Caherine came to us to get back into the swing of exercising and to help motivate her to stick to it. Having had some substantial time away from exercising, she...... read more

Jo - Improved Mental Wellbeing, Strength & Fitness

Hot Off The Press! Details Coming Soon!... read more

Alun - Knee Rehab & Improved General Mobility

Alun suffered with a long history of knee problems and wanted help with a regime that could either train around the problem, or even better,... read more

Lizzie - Improved Fitness & Mental Wellbeing

Lizzie joined Gymbo’s in October 2017. Her main goal was to improve her fitness and general health and to use exercise to help decrease her stress levels.... read more

Gary - Improved Mobility, Strength & Fitness

Gary joined us having had a long time off exercising due to quite a serious spinal problem and a couple of other medical conditions. He
... read more

Becky - Better Posture & Improved Back Health

We first started working with Becky not long after Gymbo’s first opened in 2007, and continue to do so more than 10 years later. When she first started
... read more

Jo - Fat Loss, Improved Strength & Fitness

Jo found that as her children grew older and more energetic, she struggled to keep up with them during outdoor activities. Frustrated, she
... read more

Linda - Improved Mobility & Posture

When Linda came back to training with us, her goal was to become fitter, healthier, and pain free. Linda had been suffering with

... read more