Covid-19 Meldreth

UPDATE 4/3/22: As the government have now removed all Covid legal restrictions as part of their 'Living with Covid' plan, we have as a result altered our Covid risk assessment. All points written in red below are currently enforced. All points in green are no longer enforced but will be brought back should the government bring back legal restrictions.

At Gymbo’s Meldreth, we take the safety of our staff and members very seriously. We have introduced a number of measures at our studio to ensure we go above and beyond all recommendations by our governing body UKactive. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Monthly hydrostatic cleans of the entire building (click here to watch the explanation video
  • Touchless hand sanitiser units installed at the entrance / exit 
  • Anti-viral gym wipe buckets and sprays placed in the studio for members to use 
  • Social distancing enforced with the studio split in two. We only ever have a maximum of 2 trainers and their client so you will each have your own half of the studio and your own kit 
  • No sharing equipment during group sessions 
  • Members are asked to wipe down all kit before and after use. Your trainer will not touch your kit 
  • All doors (including our large double doors) to be left open to allow excellent ventilation / fresh air at all times (in fair weather)
  • Clear guidance to all current and new members of what is expected of them to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Members to be turned away if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (members are encouraged to notify their trainer if they have symptoms of any virus and as a result, their session is likely to be postponed until at least 5 days after the symptoms started)
  • Regular communication with members to reinforce the importance of following our Covid-19 measures

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to take a look around first before I sign up. What do I do?

You are welcome to contact us to arrange an appointment to be shown around. However, the vast majority of people take advantage of our offer of a free trial session, which gives you the perfect opportunity to meet the trainer, see the facility and experience a sample session. We still currently offer free trial sessions.

2. How will you ensure social distancing at the gym?

The government requires a minimum of 100 sq ft of space per person. This means we can accommodate a maximum of 7 people at one time. Despite being able to safely accommodate up to 7 people at one time, our studio is designed so that it is split in half, with each half consisting of a maximum of one trainer and their client. Each client has their own space and equipment and does not need to share with anyone else. This means our members have far more space than the government recommendation. Our group sessions are also capped at a maximum of 6 people per group in order to make sure all members can social distance.

3. How will you ensure the equipment is safe to use?

We have always prided ourselves on how clean and fresh our facility is. The facility is cleaned by a professional cleaner (when the studio is closed). Clients are asked to wipe down everything they have touched (using our anti-viral gym wipes and spray) and this is done whilst being supervised by the trainer. Therefore we can guarantee that every bit of kit has been wiped by the previous client, before you come to use it. You will then be encouraged to wipe it again before you pick it up. We also have a contractor who comes in once per month to apply the latest anti-viral technology – spraying our equipment with a hydrostatic anti-viral solution which kills Covid-19 in under 5 minutes and once applied, continues to kill the virus for up to 4 weeks. The spray also wraps around the entire object which is great for making hard to clean objects such as dumbbells etc safe. Click here for more details regarding our monthly hydrostatic clean. Our studio has a far smaller number of people who come and go each day, in comparison to a gym. So therefore the chances of Covid-19 being present is statistically smaller than in a big mainstream gym which may have hundreds of people visit per day.

4. How well ventilated is the studio?

We have large double doors to the rear and a single door to the front which we keep open to allow a constant flow of fresh air from the front of the building to the back. You will literally be training only a meter or two away from the open door. (Fair weather only)

5. How are you ensuring group sessions are safe?

Our group sessions were always restricted to a small number of attendants so members can benefit from plenty of individual instruction / correction from our trainers. Members will be encouraged to perform the vast majority of the session in one spot (to minimise the need for members to pass each other). Members will also not share equipment. You will wipe down your equipment before you pick it up and after you have put it back.

6. How are you ensuring PT sessions are safe?

Your personal trainer will maintain their distance from you at all times. Your trainer will never touch your equipment and will use their own to demonstrate. You will be responsible for wiping your equipment before and after use. Our trainers can wear a mask if you prefer them to do so.