Sawston FAQ's

Please see below answers to frequently asked questions - Click on the relevant question to see the answer.

1. Can I have a look around before purchasing a membership?
Yes of course! We recommend you either email or call us to arrange a viewing. You can just turn up at the gym unannounced but we cannot guarantee a member of staff will be free to assist you, so recommend you book in an appointment with us.
2. I have some questions before purchasing a membership. What should I do?
You can either email us, give us a call or book in to see us at the gym. If you decide to call us, please leave a voicemail if we are unable to answer and we will call you back. If you are interested in the group membership, you can book in to try a session free. If you are interested in personal training, you can book in an appointment for a free consultation to help you decide.
3. Why are memberships capped at 400?

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and relaxing gym atmosphere along with the highest quality of equipment. We do not want to follow the worrying industry trend whereby budget gyms cram members like sardines and you are just treated as a number, with equipment falling apart due to so much use.

To ensure that our gym is never overcrowded at even the busiest of times, we have a strict policy of offering just 400 memberships (compared to 3000+ offered at your local budget gym or health club).

Once capacity is achieved, we will operate a waiting list with a strict 'one in', 'one out' policy.

Direct Debits / Memberships FAQ
1. Is there a contract?
No. None of of our gym, group or semi-PT memberships involve contracts. You just have to give one months notice to cancel which means making one final monthly payment after you have provided your notice.
2. How do I cancel?
Simply contact the direct debit company Ashbourne on 01564 741837 to provide your one month notice of cancellation. They will then close your account and your membership will complete with no further payments. We would really appreciate if you could give us a reason so we can understand why customers have decided to move on.
3. When does my direct debit start?
There are four collection dates in the month: 1st, 9th, 17th & 24th. Your direct debit date will be the nearest date after the date you purchased the membership. For example, if you purchase a membership on the 29th, your direct debit date will be on the 1st, or if you purchase a membership on the 10th, your direct debit will be taken on the 17th. You can contact us to request a change in your direct debit date at any time.
4. Am I able to change my membership to a different one?
Yes. You are free to switch between our memberships at any time. So for example, you could have a gym membership with us but decided you wanted to accelerate your results and therefore decided to move to one of our personal training memberships. Please note, if your switch in membership results in a smaller monthly fee, one months notice must be given to switch.
5. Is there a joining fee?
Currently no.
6. How do I sign up?
Visit our pricing page, select your membership and click on the 'Join Now' Button. This will take you to the payment page. Select your membership again from the drop down menu. Enter your account details. This will set up the direct debit for your second month and any future months. You will then be required to make a card payment which will cover your first month only.
7. When I sign up online, what happens next?
Once you have signed up, your membership has started, so we recommend you contact us asap to book your induction (or private screening if you have purchased our 10 day or personal training membership). We will aim to book you in for your induction within 2 to 3 days after you have contacted us. Once you have completed your induction, you are free to use the facility.
8. Do I have to attend an induction?
Yes. The induction will take 10 minutes and involves you completing a health form and we will scan your finger print so you can access the gym via the turnstile. We will also show you around if required.
Gym Membership FAQ
1. When is the gym available to me?
You have access to the gym at any time during our operating hours.
2. What facilities / areas does my membership allow me access to?
You have full access to every piece of equipment we have.
Small Group Membership FAQ
1. How many people are in the session?
We set a limit of 10 people but as we have not been open for long, typically we have 2-4 people in each group.
2. Are the people in the group sessions all super fit?
No! Our group sessions have a nice mix of people of all ages and abilities. New people join us all the time so there will always be complete beginners in a session. As the group size is small, it is very easy for the instructor to offer an easy or hard option for all exercises so the session can be tailored to your level. If you are an experienced gym user, our group sessions will still be suitable for you as we will be able to offer you harder versions of the exercises!
3. Can I use the gym before/after the group session?
Yes! Your group membership includes free gym membership also, so you can access the gym any day and any time during our operating hours (as often as you like) in addition to the group sessions.
Personal Training FAQ
1. What is the difference between one to one and semi private personal training?

Both involve a private screening / assessment. Both include a bespoke exercise program and nutritional plan which will evolve / be adjusted every 4 to 6 weeks. Both benefit from motivation, guidance and instruction from a personal trainer.

The only difference is during the session, with one to one you have the personal trainer with you during the whole session whereas in the semi-private session your trainer will split their time between you and up to two other semi-PT clients. For this reason, semi private PT costs significantly less and is more popular as two or three sessions per week is much more affordable. If you have very specific goals (e.g. training for a sporting event) or have a medical condition or injury which requires close attention, then we would recommend one to one. If you are generally well and have less specific goals (e.g. fat loss, get fitter, build strength etc). then we would recommend semi private PT.

2. How does sharing the personal trainer in semi private personal training sessions work?
You will all conduct the warm up and cool down together. Apart from that, during most of the session, you will all be busy being coached through your own individual programs. Therefore you will all be doing different things while the trainer moves between each of you coaching you through your program, making adjustments to your technique or the program if need be. You will never be left alone for more than one or two minutes as the trainer will move from client to client constantly during the session. As your prgram is unique to you, it does not matter what the level / ability of the other people is as they will be following their own program.
3. How many people will be joining me during my semi private session?
This will vary. If you were to book your session during off-peak times (mornings and afternoons), as there are so many slots to choose from, it is likely that you will have the personal trainer all to yourself. Sometimes you may share with one other person. During the peak times (evenings), on average you will share the personal trainer with one to two others.
4. What is the difference between small group and semi-private?
Small group sessions involve a pre-planned exercise routine based on a theme (e.g. Boxercise, TRX & Yoga)which will be given regardless of who is in the session, whereas semi private sessions involve a bespoke exercise program desgined specifically for you and your goals.
5. Do you offer one to one personal training?
Yes. Contact us for a free consultation.
6. How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

If you are not completely satisfied with your results and or our service within 30 days of your first personal training session, we will give you a full refund and will cancel your membership with us. No quibble and no risk!

This guarantee applies to all one to one, two person and semi-private personal training memberships.

10 Day Gymbo's Trial Experience
1. How does it work?
Once purchased, you will be invited to book in your private screening / assessment. Once this has been completed, you will have 10 days to use your sessions. When the 10 days is complete you will no longer have access to the facility. However, hopefully you will have a better understanding of what we do and which membership is for you. You can then go ahead and purchase a gym, group or personal training membership if you wish.
2. Am I expected to use all the sessions in the 10 days?
Do not worry if you feel you cannot use all 6 sessions in the 10 days. Most people do not. So long as you use 2 or 3 then this will be enough for you to get a feel for the facility and our services, and still represents great value considering the £49 fee.