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Injury Active Clinic

Injury Active Clinic


Can we help you?

Absolutely. We treat a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds, including national sports professionals, fitness beginners and office based workers.

If you are in pain, not feeling 100% fit or want to improve your performance in sport then we can help. Our team specialises in finding the cause of an injury during an hour long initial consultation by looking for the source of any uncontrolled movements or dysfunction. This means we identify the injury and, importantly, understand why a particular issue may have occurred.

We treat the body as a full kinetic chain. By studying you in this fashion, we might find out that your ankle is causing your neck pain. It is therefore important to fix this issue at the ankle as early as possible.

Many of our clients transition through a comprehensive strength and conditioning programme at our local facility. This functional approach is why we are based in fantastic gyms so we can help maximise performance and reduce the chances of an injury reoccurrence.

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