Meldreth Services

Although we have trained a number of keen sports persons, we specialise in getting everyday people fit and healthy for everyday life, regardless of the level of fitness they come to us with.

Over the past decade, we have a long history of results achieved by a wide range of people. At any one time, over 75% of our client base have been training with us weekly for more than one year and over 60% for 3 years or more. Prior to joining us, most of these were people who could not maintain any more than a few weeks training by themselves before giving up.

  • We offer a free trial group session
  • We offer a free trial personal training session
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all PT memberships!
  • Please email us to arrange your free trial

Our Services

Personal Training - From £36

Personal training is about helping people become better versions of themselves. We strive as a team to provide the highest standard of coaching to improve the lives of those who value their strength, fitness & wellbeing. At Gymbo's you... read more

Small Group Sessions - From £11

Small group PT is a more affordable solution than standard personal training and works in much the same way as personal training, except you will be training with a small group of 2-5 other individuals. Your... read more

Online Personal Training - From £36

Our same great one to one service, just delivered in the comfort and privacy of your home, rather than at our studio. Our one to one and 2 person online personal training sessions are performed via zoom. You will still benefit from an... read more

Recipe Pack & Meal Planner

As a perk of being a Gymbo's member, you will have access to a number of Gymbo's recipe packs consisting of over 100 delicious & healthy meals, a ready made shopping list and a meal planner to follow. The recipe packs consist of... read more

Nutritional Coaching

We encourage the consumption of healthy nutritious food that is also enjoyable. We understand that no-one can be expected to give up the foods they love so we will provide you with advice and guidance to ensure you can incorporate these foods... read more

Facebook Live Sessions

All Gymbo's members benefit from complementary access to our private members only Facebook group where you can interact with our trainers, ask questions and read our weekly fitness and nutrition tips. We also have a timetable offering 20+... read more