Aim For Failure!

One of the reasons why the human race has been so successful is because we are good at making life easier for ourselves. We invented farming in order to have food more readily available. We created houses to keep us safe and warm at night. We created cars to get us from A to B easier, and washing... read more

The Importance Of Goal Setting

Have you ever thought that it is time to make a change but you are not sure how to get things started? Perhaps you have already got the wheels in motion, have set a number of goals but keep failing to reach them? It's time for a new approach. If you want long-term success, be clear about what you... read more

07 Jul

Summary: What is your mind-set? Why is it important? How can you change it? What? Your ‘mind-set,’ as I’m going to refer to it today, is the way that you personally perceive the world. There is an old saying that “perception is reality”, and it’s all too... read more